PPC Services

PPC Services

RNS Technologies, the leading digital marketing agency in India offers best in class PPC services to its clientele of blue chip corporations, micro, small and medium enterprises from a wide spectrum of diverse industry verticals across the globe. RNS technologies has stamped its authority as a leading digital marketing services agency in India and a provider of high quality paid search engine marketing and social media marketing services with its post paid model of PPC services that are curated to integrated the best of cutting edge digital technologies, data insights available from search engine and social media dashboard analytics and engaging content distribution strategies that are best suited to cater to the requirements of top line and bottom line growth of a brand. We offer PPC services to create, deploy, run and manage pay per click campaigns on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and AOL and social media platforms for consumer audiences like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest.


We streamline PPC campaigns to enable corporations and MSMEs make the most of digital media interfaces with end users for best in class sales and business development opportunities. Our PPC campaigns are executed with laser precision to define target objectives, set marketing goals and monetization models, enable website traffic flow, social media engagements with the target audience and sell higher and better volumes of products and services to the end users. Beyond the obvious targets of sales revenues, RNS Technologies goes a step further in analyzing the dashboard analytics of client enterprises to translate data into digital marketing strategies that show new avenues and unexplored pockets of business growth by using data sciences to transform the digital advertising paradigm for brands. Further to this, it is our constant endeavour to integrate online and offline business models of our client enterprises using PPC services so that the two aspects of business complement each other to redefine the revenue and customer traffic portfolio of brands.


AS a top PPC services company in India we have worked with some of the very best industry leading companies in India, USA, UK and rest of the world and have worked on overseas projects to enable client enterprises save precious resources, budget digital marketing spend and augment sales revenue from online platforms. Engage with the team to know more about the PPC services that we offer.


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Our Vision

There is no dearth of digital marketing service agencies in India and across the world. Hence the additional drop of water in the ocean calls for an explanation. RNS Technologies envisions a value based model of post paid digital marketing services to bring business values of ethics, integrity, honesty and accountability to a highly commoditized industry.

Our Mission

RNS Technologies is on a mission to enable and empower clientele leverage digital marketing services of SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC and web services for enhanced traffic into websites, higher search engine rankings and better link building from social media platforms to drive sales and user engagement.