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Social Media Marketing

SMO services at RNS Technologies underpin the simple axiom that business enterprises are made of communities of people, not brick and mortar. From e-governance, branding, customer relationship management and strategic communication to business development, your business enterprise can leverage popular social media platforms to establish connection with communities. The philosophy of a business is to do business is very real. Transactions amounting to fulfilment of top line targets and bottom lines are extracts that do not exist without forging strong relationships. Social media optimization is more than social media management. SMO services assume importance because:

• Your Google SERP result is an output of an algorithm deployed by Google that gives due weightage to social media optimization scores
• When people move beyond searching for information they wish to engage in communication. Understanding a business enterprise is more than merely knowing it.

Love Your End Users? Then Say It with Social Media Optimization

You love your users. Nurture this love with a valentine voice that builds trust every day and every moment. At RNS Technologies we offer SMO services to business enterprises and use design thinking to engineer social media campaigns. An ascendance in your website’s SERP results is but a technical metric that indicates good financial results that are due to follow sooner than later. Yet, more than the search engine ranking, it is your business enterprise talking to communities of stakeholders that matter to your business. We leverage our social media optimization expertise to lend voice to your brand, products, people, places and more.
Our social media optimization packages are curated to achieve your business targets. At RNS Technologies, we harness the power of social media platforms from Face Book, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram to You Tube to lend a voice to your business enterprise that has 3Cs: character, capability and credibility. Your users will love it! Reciprocation guaranteed. You can have our word on this. The argument if you may please may be won for your business enterprise by ranking it high up among social media results and giving your business a cult status and if required we will make you the talk of the town. With our services of social media optimization your business enterprise can set the ball rolling for a complete digital transformation and reincarnation of your brand as you engage with prospects and customers, build communities of supporters and fans, address concerns and grievances and show up your social side.


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Our Vision

There is no dearth of digital marketing service agencies in India and across the world. Hence the additional drop of water in the ocean calls for an explanation. RNS Technologies envisions a value based model of post paid digital marketing services to bring business values of ethics, integrity, honesty and accountability to a highly commoditized industry.

Our Mission

RNS Technologies is on a mission to enable and empower clientele leverage digital marketing services of SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC and web services for enhanced traffic into websites, higher search engine rankings and better link building from social media platforms to drive sales and user engagement.